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For over 25 years, we have been serving the Calgary area with our Residential Concrete Services. Our experienced crews oversee all aspects of landscape projects, from design and pricing to the final stage of sealers and clean-up, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients. Please look below to see some of our most popular concrete contractor services in Calgary. 

Quailty Concrete Construction

  The best compliment we can get from our customers is the recommendation our business to their friends and family. We have been in the concrete business over 25 years, and we value every new and returning customer that we are fortunate to be able to work with. To start the process with our company, click on the link to get a free estimate for your upcoming project. A member of our dedicated staff will be in touch to get a consultation scheduled.

SEE OUr Concrete Projects in Detail

Our quality can easily be viewed in our projects gallery. Some projects have a simple broomed finish, while others have the more sophisticated look of grouted stamped concrete

The quality of our work can also be seen in the ever-popular exposed aggregate concrete finish. This is far from the most popular type of driveway that we do in the Calgary area. This type of surface is created by washing or blasting away the top surface to expose the rock underneath a uniform design. This creates a very durable and beautiful product that will add a great amount of curb appeal and value to any home.

 Please visit our project section to see projects shown in detail that we have completed over our past 25 Years of business. ALL OF THE PROJECTS ARE OUR WORK. 

Our Concrete Services

Concrete Driveways

Driveway Construction

Having an eye-catching driveway is a worthwhile investment because it acts as a focal point at the entrance to your property. Over the years, we’ve poured thousands of driveways, and we know you’ll be pleased with the quality of our work. Your driveway will begin with a solid, well-compacted foundation thanks to our use of larger compactors than the industry standard. Rebar reinforcement and high-quality concrete mixtures from trusted suppliers are used in all of our driveways, which are constructed with expertise. To find out more about driveways, click on the icon.

Exposed Aggregate with borders

Concrete Stair Builders

We Build Quality Concrete Steps

We are capable of creating any concrete step concept as skilled concrete step contractors. There are numerous types of concrete steps, including structural concrete steps, floating concrete steps, circular concrete steps, concrete steps with nosings, and off set concrete steps. We have over 25 years of experience producing custom cast in place concrete stairs and have a wealth of knowledge and ideas to include into the construction of your dream steps. Concrete steps can be finished with a broom finish (for grip), a smooth finish, a textured finish, or a light architectural wash. We can create stairs to your specifications and within your budget.

Concrete Wall Contractors

concrete planters

We Build Architectural Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are available in a number of styles. There are several types of retaining concrete walls, foundation walls, planter walls, paper face architectural walls, and plank finish, to name a few examples. A s concrete professionals, our team has a wealth of experience in the preparation, construction, and pouring of concrete walls. Excavation and building of concrete footings, which serve as a safe foundation for the walls, are always the first steps in the construction of concrete walls, and they are always the most difficult. In addition to providing stability, it also gives structural integrity to the walls. Architectural concrete walls demand the use of higher-quality materials to achieve a paper-smooth finish, which is the most frequently requested surface finish among the various wall types that we provide. The following applications and patterns are available for architectural walls: mild sandblasting, board plank (Wood pattern), chamfered edges with rustifications, and other treatments and patterns. No challenge is too small, too large, or too difficult for our highly qualified personnel to tackle.

Sealing Concrete

We primarily utilise two types of sealants: acrylic solvent-based and penetrating water-based. On stamped concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces, acrylic sealers are more typically employed. When applied, acrylic sealer creates a glossy sheen that darkens the colour of the concrete, emphasising the concrete’s diverse colours. While this sealer offers great weather protection, it is known to be slippery when wet and should therefore not be applied to smooth surfaces or steep grades. Because they do not alter the overall appearance of the concrete, penetrating sealers are more typically employed on broom or smooth surfaces. Its principal function is to permeate the concrete’s surface, providing a barrier that prevents moisture penetration and allows water to bead off the surface.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

In our role as concrete demolition contractors, we are equipped with the required equipment and tools to safely remove, load, and transport materials to recycling facilities while incurring the least amount of damage to surrounding landscape as possible. The operation is completed with the help of a combination of machines that are fitted with breakers, electric hand breakers, and concrete saws, among others. Apart from concrete, we are also capable of removing asphalt, paving stones, and a variety of other materials. Any concrete structures including concrete pads, concrete walls, concrete stairwells, concrete pools, and all other concrete structures are removed by us.

You can read more about stamped concrete and a variety of other sorts of projects on our projects page.

Our project sections offer numerous photographs and information on the process of creating this and other works, from idea to completion.

Exposed steps with stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete Patterns

In the concrete business, stamped concrete is the most common decorative concrete treatment. Additionally, it is the most costly. The cost of a product is determined by the project’s size, style, and design. Generally, the least costly are when only textures  cover a large area with little colour and few saw cuts. The most costly methods are when you use a variety of colours, borders, patterns, and grouting in order to produce the highest degree of realism possible. All approaches are tailored to the customer’s tastes and financial constraints; there are few bad alternatives when it comes to the development of stamped concrete art.

Decorative Concrete Patios

Concrete Patio Choices

In Calgary, decorative concrete is a staple  for outdoor spaces. There are countless options for designs, colors, and finishes. When decorative concrete is used, it has an incredible aesthetic appeal and long-lasting sturdiness.

Decorative concrete patios are a fantastic addition to any outdoor living area or backyard makeover, giving more room for family gatherings or creating a welcoming yet lively backyard environment. We can produce whatever finish you like, from smooth to textured/stamped concrete, broom finish to light sandblasted or exposed aggregate. In our projects area, you’ll find several samples of the various kinds of concrete patios we make.


Pool Decks

A Great Finish

The best for pool decks is a surface that is smooth but not slippery. We have a few great finishes for pool decks. We have an architectural light wash and a texture stamped concrete finish. For pool coping we have got you covered to with great custom rubber molds.  If you are thinks about a new pool or replacing an an pool deck give us a call today. 

A light black pool deck

Stamped Concrete Finishes

When it comes to selecting a decorative finish for stamped concrete, you have two options. The first is the traditional way of picking interlocking rubber mats in the shapes of ashlar slate, random stone, or london cobble stone; this results in a repeating pattern with all proportions determined by the mat sizes. The second way is to choose a single texture and stamp it across the project, then saw cut the concrete to the appropriate shape and size, and maybe grout it as well, to create the appearance of genuine slate or stone.

Concrete Repairs Calgary

Grinding Concrete and repairs

Concrete Repairs, We do some concrete repairs but it is rare. We do not do concrete driveway repairs typically. If you have concrete that is in need of repair our advice is to call a local concrete repair supplies store and ask who is a great local concrete repair company. 

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Calgary Concrete Contractors

Diversified Concrete Services has been the go-to concrete contractor in the Calgary area since 1996. Our specialty is decorative concrete, and we offer a variety of services, including driveways, walkways, and patios. Additionally, we are capable of performing work on basement slabs, garage floors, and structural concrete. Pool decks, fountains, and other custom concrete projects are also within our capabilities. We believe in treating customers as if they were members of our family. We believe in sharing our enthusiasm and commitment with our customers in order for them to receive high-quality work at an affordable price.

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