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Diversified Concrete Contractors are a leading decorative concrete contractor in Calgary. We work with more custom home builders than any other Concrete contractor in the city. The reason is value, quality, commitment, and passion; just to name a few attributes. When you hire diversified Concrete, you get a full-service Concrete contractor, not a bunch of subcontractors. First, we can break and then remove any existing concrete if required. We excavate and haul away soil, clay and other excavated materials. Then we form, gravel, and compact the area to be concreted. Lastly, we install rebar before we pour the concrete.

We offer a wide range of finishes. From the classic broomed Concrete finish to modern float and decorative Sandblast finishes. From Our always popular exposed aggregate concrete to a wide variety of coloured stamped concrete finishes.

Diversified Concrete Services in Calgary

Driveways, patios, walkways, concrete driveways, concrete patios, and concrete walkways, or as we call it in the industry “ Flatwork “ is our most significant area of sales. For nearly 25 years we have installed decorative concrete flatwork in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Living in this cold climate, concrete needs to be able to withstand many freeze-thaw cycles yearly and sometimes deicing chemicals, for this reason, all our exterior concrete flatwork poured is C-2 exposure rated. We most often use Duramix which has an included 5-8% air entrainment to meet the C-2 criteria. All our flat work has a compacted gravel base, rebar as specified for the particular job and most commonly a 100mm thick concrete slab. We are your concrete construction contractors in Calgary and surrounding area.

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