Concrete Construction

by | Last updated Dec 2, 2019 | Published on Nov 22, 2019 | Concrete Construction

Concrete is a popular building material for both residential and commercial properties and with good reason. When highly trained and skilled concrete contractors install it, this material is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and can be quite beautiful. Read on to find out about a few of the most common applications for concrete construction below.

Structural Applications

Most foundations are made out of concrete, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only structural application it has. It can also be used to fabricate basement and garage slabs, steps and stairs, walls, footings, beams, piles, and commercial plumbing and electrical trenches. Concrete can also be used to fabricate entire patios, landings, and even raised decks.

Paving Applications

While most parking lots are made out of asphalt, outdoor surfaces such as driveways and walkways often feature concrete instead. Those who want to use concrete walkways as a hardscaping feature may want to look into stamping, exposed aggregate, acid stains, borders, and dyes. These all add to the aesthetic beauty of the material, creating unique compositions that are functional and long-lasting as well as beautiful.

Concrete Contractors

Concrete Floors

Most industrial and many commercial buildings feature concrete floors. Concrete Contractors are also hired by residential clients to fabricate floors in garages, basements, and shops with increasing frequency, though. Concrete floors are appropriate for basically any space that must accommodate heavy equipment or vehicles, as they are much stronger than most alternatives.


Space Concerns

The equipment required for successfully completing concrete projects can make it difficult for some companies to work in tight spaces. Property owners who are working with limited space should be sure to hire contractors who have access to smaller excavators, mini-loaders, and other equipment to avoid potential complications.

Concrete Driveway with Stamped Border

Concrete Repairs

Although it is justifiably touted for its impressive longevity and durability, that doesn’t mean concrete will last forever. When repairs are necessary, it’s essential to hire a company that will address the underlying problems causing cracks and deterioration instead of just patching them up and hoping for the best. Most of the time, substantial damage is due to a deteriorating substrate, so this issue should be addressed before any other repairs to concrete structures.