Find the Right Commercial Snow Removal Company

by | Last updated Nov 21, 2019 | Published on Sep 25, 2019 | Snow Removal

Calgary’s snow removal is not nearly as proper as it could be, leaving many business owners to look for alternatives so they can keep their business open no matter how much snowfalls. With the winter weather quickly approaching, now is the time for those business owners to find a commercial snow removal company they can trust to keep their driveways, parking lots, and walkways clear. To find the right company to work with, they’ll need to check the following.

Check Services Offered

The right company is going to offer several snow removal services from plowing to deicing and hauling snow from the property when needed. Business owners should consider the services they need and make sure they find a company that can offer all of the services. It helps them avoid needing to call and pay for services from more than one company and can help them save money. Other services to look for include sanding and site safety checks.

Ask About Emergency and Monitoring Services

When a storm brings tons of snow, it needs to be removed quickly. If ice forms on sidewalks or other walkways, deicing should be done as fast as possible to minimize the potential for someone being injured. Business owners should look for companies that offer emergency services. Just in case anything needs to be done immediately, no matter the day or time, for safety or other reasons. They’ll also want to look for a company that offers monitoring services, so the business is kept up to date on the weather, scheduled maintenance services, hazardous conditions, and more.

Snow Plow Removing Snow From City

Look into Turnaround Times

When there is heavy snowfall, how quickly can the company get there and begin to work? Heavy snowfall can mean there’s no way for the business to open for the day or for customers to reach the store. Quicker turnaround times mean the snow is cleared faster, the area is safe for drivers and pedestrians, and the business can be opened as soon as possible. It helps minimize potential profit losses due to the weather and ensures customers are safe when they visit the shop.

Ask for Tracking Information

Tracking can be crucial, but many snow removal companies don’t offer this. Business owners should request access to tracking information so they can see when the snow removal company was there and the services provided at that time. This helps in a couple of different ways. It does help the business owner ensure they’re getting the services they’re paying for. It can also help them defend against liability concerns if they can prove they had the area decided or plowed to create safe roads, parking lots, and walkways.

Ensure They’ve Received Safety Training

Once the snow is removed, and the deicing is done, the area is safe for customers. However, what about those who are doing the plowing, shovelling, and deicing? Business owners should look for a company that offers safety training for their employees. It ensures that those who are working for the snow removal company are safe while they’re removing the snow. And can help minimize the potential for the workers to be injured while they’re working on the property. Safety training should be done regularly, not just when a new employee is hired. To ensure all workers understand company policies designed to keep them safe.

Manual Snow Removal Shovel

Ask About Experience and References

Business owners will want to choose a company with experience working on commercial properties. They may also want to ask for references they can check. It allows them to check on things like the turnaround time or the quality of services. One thing business owners should make sure they check on is how properties look when the snow removal company is done working on them. The way the property looks after the removal of snow can reflect on the business, and significant issues can turn away customers.

Since it frequently snows in Calgary and surrounding areas, having a solid plan for snow removal is a necessity. Before hiring any snow removal company, business owners should make sure the company offers all of the services they need and is going to do a fantastic job. If you need snow removal services for your business, check out Diversified Snow Removal in Calgary now and learn more about what they can offer you. Remember, the right company is going to do a fantastic job every time snow needs to be removed and is going to ensure the property looks fabulous so you can attract more customers.