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Concrete Construction

Diversified Concrete Services is a Concrete Construction company based in Calgary, Alberta. We pride ourselves on keeping worksites safe and clean, which in turn leads to a highly productive work environment for our customers. The quality of our work is second to none, as you can see by our many job photos, social media updates, and the fantastic builders and homeowners we proudly work with. We continuously have a wide range of residential and commercial concrete construction services.

Structural Slab Pour

List of Our Concrete Services

Residential and commercial services include but are not limited to, concrete piles, screw piles, concrete footings, grade beams and concrete walls. Concrete driveways, concrete patios, landings, raised concrete decks, concrete walkways, concrete steps and concrete stairs, basements slabs, garage slabs, shop floors, power trowel finishes, structural concrete slabs, commercial plumbing and electrical trenches.

Concrete planters, concrete window wells, concrete swales, concrete drains, concrete curbs and curb and gutter. Excavation services, excavation with mini and medium-sized excavators, small mini loaders and regular size skid steers. Trenching for utilities, excavation haul away of materials and finish grading. Concrete saw cutting and concrete breaking and removal.

Structural Slab Pour
Concrete Construction Calgary

Stamped Concrete and Decorative Finishes

Decorative concrete finishes include stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, acid-stain concrete float finish, concrete dyes, sandblasted architectural finish concrete, and concrete borders.

Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate steps and stairs with custom stamped nosings. Custom contemporary extra wide stair nosing with any decorative finish, decorative concrete saw cutting, decorative concrete walls with rustications and chamfer edges, concrete sealing and more.

Concrete Fountain

Narrow Access Equipment

Being a concrete construction contractor in Calgary, we’re working on a lot of infill projects, and we have found that having small equipment is a considerable asset for getting jobs completed promptly.

Small excavators and mini loaders, as narrow as 36” wide, save hours of hand, digging and ultimately the saving of time means quicker job completions and that is good for everyone. If your job has secure access, let the professionals with the right equipment help you finish ahead of schedule.

Concrete Fountain
Small Track Loader

Concrete Repairs

Our concrete repair service here in the Calgary area is here to stay, which is why we build durable projects that can last a lifetime! The key to a successful repair is a sound substrate. If the substrate is deteriorating, then adhering a concrete repair to it probably won’t be long-lasting in our climate. To test if your concrete has to be repaired or replaced, contact us today, and we can evaluate its condition.

Removal and Breaking

Snow Removal

We offer commercial snow removal services, snow plowing, snow clearing, snow removal, anti-icing and deicing. We offer seasonal contracts and push contracts. Please see our snow removal page for more information on our winter services.

Removal and Breaking
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