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The most significant piece of concrete on most peoples’ property is their driveway. We have been concrete contractors in Calgary since 1996, and in that time we have poured over 1,500,000 square feet of all types of concrete driveways. We specialize in decorative concrete driveways; however, we do pour all genres and styles.

Exposed Concrete Driveway
Concrete Driveway Prep

Construction of a Concrete driveway

The first thing we always do when constructing a concrete driveway is, remove any existing concrete, asphalt, or paving stones. Being the full-service concrete contractor that we are, we have the equipment needed to handle the concrete breaking and removal that is necessary, no need to hire a separate specific break and removal contractor.

Next, we excavate 10 inches below finish grade, which is to ensure your new driveway will have a proper gravel base, next we form and gravel the driveway. The next part of driveway construction is to compact and install the rebar. The concrete slab thickness is most often poured at 4 inches thick, and then a sealer is applied.

Concrete Driveway Prep
Sandblast Driveway

Curing Time Concrete Driveways

When we pour your driveway, all people and pets should keep off the concrete driveway for 24 hours after the concrete has set. Vehicles should keep off the driveway for a full 28 days. The cement strength is near 99% of its total predicted power at 28 days.

Concrete Driveway Diversified

Broom Finish and Float Finish Concrete Driveway

Our entry-level driveway finish is the broom finish concrete driveway. The finish is the result of using a dedicated concrete finishing broom just before the final set on the surface, leaving a roughen linear texture. A cure and seal are sprayed on the surface after the concrete has set. An excellent alternative to broom finish concrete is float finish concrete. This finish is made by a hand float used in a circular pattern. The pattern is random and is often accented with saw cut to create a design. The float finish is a relatively inexpensive finish with a decorative twist that lends itself to many possible creative options with decorative saw cutting, added colour and or acid staining.

Concrete Driveway Diversified
White Garage with Driveway

Light Sandblast Architectural vs Stamped Concrete

This concrete finish is made by lightly sandblasting the surface of flat, smoothly finished concrete. This finish is entirely different than a stamped concrete driveway but still classified as a decorative driveway nonetheless. One massive advantage to this driveway finish over a stamped entrance or any other decorative concrete driveway is, it is very flat, making it easy to shovel and less slippery than stamped concrete. Stamped concrete driveways are finished with a high gloss sealer typically, which can make them quite slippery!

Garage with Stamped Concrete Driveway

Light Sandblast Architectural Concrete slabs receive a penetrating concrete sealer, leaving the surface similar to a sandpaper texture. With the addition of decorative saw cuts, this style of a driveway is minimalist and elegant. Each concrete driveway has a unique look and style, so depending on the look you hope to achieve, both are excellent choices for a decorative driveway. See the stamped concrete and exposed aggregate pages for more information on those trendy decorative concrete finishes.

Garage with Stamped Concrete Driveway
Concrete Driveway with Trees

Concrete Driveways with Borders

Concrete driveway borders add a lot of decorative concrete value to any job, sometimes at a minimal cost depending on a few factors. Concrete borders styles can be mixed and matched from any of our Concrete finishes, resulting in a one of a kind concrete driveway every time, why look like every other driveway on the street. Diversified Concrete Services have been adding concrete borders to driveways since we started! We have learned a lot over the years about making those connections between the driveway and concrete borders, stable and long-lasting. Having proper steel connections, from your driveway main slab to your edges, will prevent your driveway and borders from detaching vertically over time. When Diversified Concrete Services builds your concrete borders, we will explain why our methods work best in the industry for our climate of constant freeze-thaw cycles.

House with Blue Roof

In Slab Heated Driveways

When you would like to have a safe, free of snow and long-lasting driveway heating, a concrete slab is a great option. Living in Calgary, almost half our year has a lot of temperatures below 0, and the ground is frozen around six months. Driveways go through many freeze-thaw cycles without being heated, heated driveways are not subject to this destructive process and will last much longer. Is your driveway a right candidate for in-slab heat? Contact us today for more information on heated slabs.

House with Blue Roof
Decorative Concrete

The Cost

Broom finish, exposed aggregate, acid stained, and stamped concrete finishes, to name a few, have a wide range of costs. If concrete borders are required, how much border, and of course, how much concrete are you pouring are other typical cost considerations. For an accurate job, quote, contact us, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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