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Having an attractive concrete patio is an excellent investment because it serves as a gathering point for your family during the beautiful summer months. We have literally poured thousands of patios over the years, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the high-quality work that we put into each and every project. All of our patios have a solid gravel base that is compacted. Every patio is reinforced with engineer-grade rebar and constructed with high-quality concrete mixtures purchased from reputable vendors. Patios can be learned more about by clicking on the icon below.

Stamped Concrete Patios

We Build Quality Stamped Concrete Patios

The stamped concrete patio is the most common type of concrete patio that we install. The range of options is staggering when we combine thousands of different colour combinations, hundreds of pattern choices, design combinations, and the ability to add borders and many other decorative elements. On every project, we use high-quality materials and will deliver a high-quality result. For a free quote, please contact us.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patios

Square Concrete Back Yard

The Most Popular Decorative Finish in Calgary

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is without a doubt the most popular decorative concrete finish in Calgary. Its popularity stems not only from its appealing appearance, but also from its long-lasting surface. Exposed aggregate concrete differs from other decorative concrete in that the top surface is washed or blasted away in a uniform manner to reveal the rock beneath, making any spalling that may occur less noticeable. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of a decorative finish and a hardy surface for your patio in Calgary, exposed aggregate patios is the finish for you.

Sunken Stamped Concrete Patios

nice concrete patio in pump hill calgary

Texture Stamped Concrete Patios

Quite often, we inherit a back yard that is not level, or the patio needs to be lower than the existing grade; this is when concrete retaining around the concrete patio is required. The project shown above required the patio to be more than a foot lower than the existing grade. We constructed concrete walls on all sides and a gorgeous stamped concrete patio. We used a total of seven different colours in the stamped patio, and we engraved a custom ashlar pattern that was later grouted. The job turned out brilliant. Please see the link below for more information on this project.

Concrete Patio Projects Indepth

On our projects page, you can learn more about stamped concrete as well as a range of other types of  patio projects.

From conception to completion, our projects sections include many images and details on the process of making this project and other works.

Decorative Concrete Patios

Stained Concrete Patios

Another great finished for decorative concrete patios is stained concrete. Concrete stains can be applied to any concrete finish and will permanently change the finish of any concrete surface. The stains come in earthy tones, rust shades and can be as dark as ebony. The surface texture does influence the final color of the stain, for outdoor staining rougher finishes are best for traction, which also gives the brightest cost reactions. We have been staining concrete patios for over 20 years. Schedule a meeting today and we can discuss acid stain colors for your custom concrete patio.

Concrete Patio Sealing

Acrylic solvent-based sealers and penetrating water-based sealers are the two main types of sealers we use. Stamped concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces are more commonly sealed with acrylic sealers. When applied, acrylic sealer gives the concrete a glossy finish that darkens the colour and highlights all of the different colours. While this sealer offers excellent weather protection, it is known to be slick when wet and should not be used on smooth surfaces or steep grades. Because they do not alter the overall appearance of the concrete, penetrating sealers are more commonly used on broom or smooth surfaces. Its main function is to permeate through the concrete’s surface, forming a barrier that keeps moisture out while allowing water to bead off the surface.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

Existing concrete is frequently required to be removed before a new concrete patio can be installed. We have a wide range of compact excavators with various sized concrete breakers that can get into almost any backyard and efficiently remove the existing concrete. We can prepare and pour your new patio after the concrete is removed. We can also construct paving stone patios. Contact us today for a high-quality job at a reasonable price.

Calgary Concrete Patio Contractors

Fan Pattern Concrete Floor

We strive to complete high-quality Patio projects on time and on budget at all times. Concrete contracting services are available for both residential and commercial buildings. If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, contact us right away to work with Calgary’s best concrete contractor.

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