Textured Pool Deck

Concrete tile Style

The Task...

On this project we help our customer completely renovate their pool deck by breaking and removing
the old concrete pool deck, pouring a new concrete pool coping and stamped concrete pool deck, installation of new trench and sump drains, and construction of a retaining wall. Take a look at the pictures and descriptions below to see our process.


The first stage of this project was to remove the pool ladders, and diving board as these were to be reused with the new concrete pool deck. This project unfortunately did not have access for machines, so we broke the pool deck with electric jack hammers, and removed the concrete with wheelbarrows. To keep the pool from collapsing it could not be fully drained, keeping it clean was quite the challenge but our team did an excellent job.

An old pool deck
Footing are poured and wall forms installed

After the old concrete pool deck was removed, it allowed access for a mini excavator. We then laid out and excavated footings, for a retaining wall. The retaining wall was needed because the pool deck was expanded, and the earth needed to be retained to ensure the pool deck did not settle or sink. After the wall was poured and stripped of forms, we installed drain tile behind the wall before back-filling so there is no build up of hydrostatic pressure behind the wall.


As there was very limited access to this job, we carted the gravel to the back from one of our dump trailers, to a mini loader, into wheelbarrows. The gravel is spread using rakes, string lines and checked for accuracy with a laser level. On all concrete construction projects we use at least a 4”
thick gravel base, and compact it using a plate compactor..

Drainage System Importance

Installing a drain

Before completing all of the gravel and forming the pool coping, we installed three trench drains on the pool deck, and one sump drain. The trench drains installed on this project are heavy duty trench
drains, with black steel grates. To install these drains, we first locate the existing drainage system, and find the perfect spot to tie the trench drains into that system.

Ready To Pour

Now that the drains are installed, gravel has been graded and compacted, and the rebar grid has been laid out, we are ready for our second pour: the pool coping. The pool coping is in a hexagonal shape, to match the perimeter of the pool deck while also branching off creating divisions in the pool
deck. For pool copings a smooth finish is highly recommended as it is great for bare feet.

The Texture Stamped Pour

We have now reached our final pour. This final pour was a stamped concrete pour, with integral colour added at the plant, as well as colour hardener added during the pour. The decision to add extra colour (colour hardener) was made to add more contrast, and dark accents. There are two types of mats used when stamping concrete, interlocking and texture skins. For this job, we used slate texture skins so the homeowners would have more creative control over a custom decorative saw cut pattern.

Saw cutting The Pattern

Saw cutting The Pattern

After allowing the newly poured concrete pool deck to cure for a day, we had a site meeting with the homeowners to lay out the decorative saw cuts. They were looking for a cut and grouted tile look. After completing the saw cuts, they were then slightly widened by going over each cut with a grinder.

Ready To Grout

Washed and ready to grout

After the job has had a thorough wash, we are now ready for grouting. The grout is mixed and
applied into each saw cut by hand. Once the grout is applied and has had time to set, the remaining grout is cleaned off.

The Pool Deck

A look at the finished project after the grouting is complete, the job has been completely cleaned, and the pool hardware (ladders) has been reinstalled. With a new coping, land retention solution, and drains, this pool deck will be enjoyed for many years to come!

A light black pool deck
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