Contemporary Steps

Steps And Landing Britannia, Calgary

Concrete Walkway Heated

Our most sought after concrete work is our architectural concrete finishes. Our process is explained in detail in the concrete services page. We thought we would share this project as it was a little different than your basic steps and landings front entrance for a house.

After the planter walls were poured, we started to form concrete walkways and landings. Soil tests confirmed that the ground was soft and not trustworthy to build on without some sort of support, so the engineer opted for steel piles. Steel piles were placed at 6′ intervals to support the stairs and landing.

Concrete Stairs Poured

Simple and Elegant

These concrete stairs and landings were insulated because they were also to be heated with a glycol in-slab heating system. The concrete was thickened to 6″ because they were to be supported at point loads over the piles, so concrete was turned into more of a structural slab design. Lights were also added to the stair risers.

After the cement was poured, it was sandblasted at a later date. This popular finish is known as an architectural light sandblast finish or only architectural finish. A concrete architectural finish generally is standard concrete colour.

You can see this simple, clean and elegant finish is a must for contemporary concrete projects. If you are building or a new home or would simply like to modernize your existing home, call us today and see how we can help with your contemporary concrete projects

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