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Below is a list of what we consider as secondary concrete services. For our most popular concrete services please click this link.

House address Walls

If you are looking to add curb appeal, make the front entrance of your property more inviting and have a stylish way to present your house number or place to have your mail deposited, then a concrete house number sign and/or mailbox is the perfect choice. We use a special paper faced material to form and construct the concrete sign or mailbox, resulting in an extremely smooth and sharp edged contemporary product.

white floating concrete steps in calgary

Tough Access Concrete Patios

Not all projects have ideal access such as concrete patios, and for these projects we are equipped with mini, compact machines including excavators and loaders that can fit into spaces as narrow as 3 feet wide. If the job requires previous concrete to be removed, our excavators are equipped with hydraulic breakers, and if there is no machine access, we have an arsenal of hand tools and electric jackhammers to get the job accomplished. For placing concrete in these hard to reach places we use a concrete line pump.

Power Washing and Sealing Concrete

2 guys sealing concrete

On all new concrete projects we recommend applying a concrete sealer, so that your new investment has lasting protection from weather, and everyday use. Before sealing we wash the concrete, so it has a clean surface for the sealer to be applied. There are 2 types of sealer that both offer protection, result in different looks and offer different benefits. One sealer is a penetrating sealer that does not change the appearance, and lasts up to 5-10 years. The second sealer is a gloss sealer, darkens the colour and adds a shine to the concrete. This sealer only lasts 1-3 years. Before re-applying sealer the concrete must be power washed and cleaned thoroughly.

Concrete Demolition Services

Concrete removal and demolition is often the first step when starting a concrete construction project. As professional concrete contractors we have a wide inventory of tools, equipment and machines to accomplish any removal. Our machines consist of small to medium excavators and loaders, allowing for us to reach the tough access job sites. We are not limited to concrete demolition and removal, as we can also remove asphalt, paving stones and other materials. All material is then hauled away and disposed of at its designated recycler.

Concrete Brackets Installation

Installing brackets for sidewalks

A service we offer is installing steel brackets, when extra support is needed to bare the weight of concrete slabs or stairs. The bracket is installed by carefully digging against the house foundation, to fit the bracket against the wall, followed by installing steel inserts and bolting the bracket to the wall. The concrete is then poured on top of the brackets. This is one of the strongest concrete support systems.

Antiquing Stamped Concrete

As decorative concrete specialists antiquing is a service we offer that is primarily to revitalize decorative stamped concrete that has; aged, is fading in colour, has excessive build up of dirt and grime, and is in need of a new coat of sealer. This process consists of giving the project a very thorough wash, and the application of sealer remover. Followed by spreading a cement based colour additive(s) to water and spreading across the concrete resulting in revitalized colour and new colour accents. The final step of this process is to apply a high gloss sealer that can be paired with non-slip additives.

Long Drain in A stamped concrete pool deck

Drain Installation

Having proper drainage is a key element to all concrete projects. As professional concrete contractors we always ensure proper slope for drainage on our concrete projects when possible. In some situations having the concrete slope away from the house, building or structure is just not possible. For these situations we offer drain installation as a service. Including sump drains, trench drains, and pool deck drains. Our team will install the drains, pipe, and tie into any existing drainage system or help find a drainage solution.

Suspended Concrete Slabs

We sometimes are asked to form and pour structural concrete slabs. We are able to supply a engineered forming plan, supply all materials, form, rebar and supply place and finish the structural concrete slab. We are truly your one stop for suspended structural slab in Calgary.

Forming a structural concrete slab

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Light Sandblast Steps in Calgary

We endeavour to provide high-quality projects on time and on budget. Concrete contracting services are available for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us if you are building a new house or remodelling an existing one in Calgary and want to work with the best concrete services contractor in the city.

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