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Concrete Stairs

Diversified Concrete Services has built over 1000 sets of ‘custom cast’ in place stairs over the past 20 years. Each set of concrete steps are always different than the last, whether the finish, the colour, design, the size, or how the stairs are to be supported.

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Calgary Concrete Construction is challenging because of all the typical Construction practices for keeping a massive structure like a step sound; we also have to take into account the pressures it may receive from the ground, the frost. We use many methods to support our steps, brackets, grade beams and steel screw piles to name a few of the best and most popular practices with the addition of frost cushion our steps are built to last. Our area of expertise is custom homes Concrete Construction.

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Contemporary Concrete Stairs

Contemporary concrete stairs are probably Best summed up as typically everyday grey concrete steps, with a smooth finish most often sandblasted with large nosing thicker than ½ of the riser height. We use saw cuts when doing contemporary architectural Concrete. However, hand cuts are also acceptable.

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High gloss sealers are never used as other decorative finishes, instead of a non-gloss permanent penetrating concrete sealer. Over time contemporary concrete steps show a patinated look making the Concrete look elegant and timeless as this style should look as it ages.

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Circular Concrete Stairs

Radius or Circular Concrete steps is another style of the many types of concrete steps we build. We can build these style of steps with any of our decorative concrete finishes such as stamped concrete, float finish, architectural sandblast, acid stained concrete, or exposed aggregate. Nosings are challenging on radius steps but we can add those also if required, and with the addition of wider treads these steps look very classy and are inviting to the user.

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Landscapes walk with Stairs

When you have a grade change of over 3% over longer distances, you will need concrete steps added to your walkways making landings every so often based on grade.

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This can be a straight run staying the same width making it very utilitarian or add an attractive decorative element but having offset landings along the way for instance, with the concrete walkways changing direction slightly as you progress along it. Finishes and styles like all our concrete work are wide-ranging so onsite meeting is always best for getting accurate job quotes

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Decorative Concrete Stairs

Being a decorative concrete contractor, we enjoy the challenge when we are asked to make decorative concrete stairs. Stamped Concrete and Exposed Aggregate are 2 of the most popular decorative concrete stairs be build in Calgary, and we build those styles very often.

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Stairs with Lights

Lights make a great addition to a set of ‘custom cast’ in place concrete steps. Electrical boxes are attached to concrete risers before the pour, conduits connect all boxes and are used later to feed wiring after Concrete is poured. If you would like lights added to your concrete sets make sure you mention it to us early in the project because many step lights are special order.

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Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, and many other decorative concrete steps and styles have a wide range of prices; its specific job specs and requirements price each job. For more information on concrete steps, please contact us, for a free estimate. Please follow us on your favourite social media to see our current jobs.