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Architectural Concrete Walls

Architectural Wall with steps in front entrance

Paper Face Finished Concrete

The most common of our concrete walls are paper face concrete walls. These walls are built with new plywood with a smooth paper surface; there is no wood grain as a typical plywood sheet would leave. These walls are evenly spaced with cam lock ties, when these forms are stripped from the wall and plastic cones removed, you are left with a smooth wall with ¾” circular impressions at roughly 16” intervals.

Flower Bed in the Garden

Light Sandblast

A lightly sandblasted architectural wall looks much the same as a paper face wall, with some cement paste removed to reveal the sand fines. It should not be confused with sandblasted exposed aggregate walls, as listed below. Light sandblasted walls can be achieved with, of course sandblasting, but also can be obtained through high-quality concrete retarders. These concrete retarders are applied before the wall is assembled, and they retard the surface of the wall permanently, so the wall can be washed later. This method is desirable when sandblasting is not practical.

Concrete Walls

Exposed Aggregate

This style of a wall has the cement and fines sandblasted or washed off, exposing the aggregate. Different size aggregates, differently coloured aggregate, and colour in the concrete mix offers many combinations. Exposed aggregate concrete walls are a great compliment to aggregate flatwork and another reason not to parge a concrete wall.

Rounded outdoor concrete stairs

Board Form Concrete Walls

board form concrete wall finished

A trendy style of Architectural Concrete Walls is to use wood boards or planks and line the inside of the concrete forms with them. When the boards are removed, you are left with a wood-grained board patterned concrete wall. Board form walls like many aspects of concrete have few limits, different sizes, thickness, and grains make each wall unique. To obtain dense wood grains texture, we often lightly sandblast the wood. It creates even more surface, which is most often desired. This style of the concrete wall is the most expensive of our three most popular architectural walls

Concrete Walls

Exterior Signage Walls

Architectural walls make great planters, combining beauty and strength. Many contemporary homes have exterior planters bring nature and concrete together. Concrete planters make the entrance of a house much more inviting and well homey. Board form, architectural sandblast, exposed aggregate, and paperface camlock can be used for concrete planters

Sand blasting concrete feature walls

Concrete Wall Support

Concrete Footings

Lets take a step back and look at support for the walls….. Almost as important as the Architectural Concrete Wall construction is the footing or grade beam support beneath it. Our first step when starting any concrete construction project is to confirm all blueprint grades work with onsite conditions. We want to make sure footing, grade beams and piles are low enough not to be seen after final landscape grading but high enough, so we are not burying much of the concrete wall.

Interior Concrete feature Walls

Interior concrete feature wall

Concrete feature walls are great additions for residential or commercial exteriors and interiors. Architectural concrete feature walls must be considered early in the construction stage, as the formwork required is much more difficult when it has to be squeezed into a defined half finish space. So if you are Considering having a Feature wall, contact us now as new footing will be required when the main house footing is poured

Architectural Concrete Details

Architectural walls always look more beautiful when rustifications and chamfers are added to the formwork. Rustifications are pieces of wood or foam attached to the formwork before the concrete wall is formed when the wall forms are stripped later; the rustifications leave a decorative imprint as desired. Chamfers are bevels on all exposed corners of a concrete wall, providing a decorative element while also reducing the risk of corner chipping

Rustifications And Chamfers

Flower Plants with Concrete walls

Concrete Wall Costs

concrete planters

Concrete Wall Prices can Vary Greatly

The cost of concrete wall installations varies greatly depending on access, style desired, quantity, engineering and more. Each architectural wall is priced on a per-job basis, to have your concrete wall quoted, please contact us today.

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