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Decorative Concrete

Diversified Concrete Services is a Calgary Concrete contractor specializing in decorative concrete for over 20 years in Calgary with over 1000 decorative Concrete projects under our belt. We specialize in but are not limited to: stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, concrete dyes and acid stain as well as float finish concrete with decorative saw cutting, custom concrete stairs with nosing custom, decorative concrete walls with rustifications and chamfer edges, concrete borders, concrete window wells and much more.

Acid Stain Step

Stained and Dyed Concrete

Acid staining concrete, acid etching concrete, or dying concrete is a process in which the top surface of the concrete is coloured. Acid stains react with concrete, while dyes depend on a mechanical bond.

Colour Dye Concrete Steps

Acid stain colours are mostly in the dark brown, rust, turquoise family of colours, while the range of dyes includes more vibrant shades of red, blue, green and pure blacks.

We have found with our experience dyes are more suited for interior work due to our harsh winters. Acid staining and dyes work well together to get some unique colour combinations. When decorative saw cutting is added to Concrete slabs, the cuts can act as borders to separate different colours, truly opening up a world of creative ways to finish a decorative concrete project with few limits.

Saw Cutting Concrete

Decorative Saw Cutting

There is saw cutting concrete, and there is decorative concrete saw cutting. Saw cutting is done to either cut through concrete before it is removed or saw cut expansion cuts in freshly poured concrete, about 25% of the thickness, which weakens the cement so that hopefully, when the concrete cracks, it will crack within the saw cut line.

Decorative Acid Stain

Decorative saw cuts in concrete are shallow, a ¼ inch on average, these cuts have no structural value, and are used to create patterns, borders and other designs. Decorative concrete saw cuts work well with all types of decorative concrete; we most often saw cut contemporary and architectural concrete when clean, sharp lines are desired. Saw cutting stamped concrete is also very popular, the saw cuts can be used to create any square or ashlar pattern, and the lines can be grouted for an added authentic look.

Colour Saw Cut

Coloured Decorative Concrete

One of the main ingredients for having a successful decorative concrete project is the colour. For example, for a stamped concrete brick pattern adding a red colour to the concrete is the first step for being able to replicate a brick successfully. The next is, of course, the correct concrete stamping mat to give the exact imprint. Concrete colours are added to the concrete before it arrives on site, the type of intensity we use for our decorative concrete projects is integral. Exposed aggregate concrete can be coloured, even with the surface being removed. The colour added to the matrix is evident amongst the aggregate and is an excellent way to have your exposed concrete colour tone adjusted to your tastes, rather than being only limited to the colour of aggregate and grey concrete.

Colour Saw Cut
Acid Stain Backyard

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We enjoy decorative concrete and are always excited to join a new concrete project. We can mix and match any styles or ideas from decorative choices. Contact us today, and we will be happy to give a free estimate for your decorative concrete project. Find us now on your favourite social media below.