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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The most common decorative concrete driveway in Calgary without a doubt is exposed Aggregate Concrete. The popularity has not only to do with its attractive appearance but also its durable surface. Damage caused by frost and salt on typical driveways, which is the pealing and spalling, is not as evident on exposed Aggregate Concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete differs from other decorative concrete because the top surface is washed or blasted away to expose the rock beneath in a uniform matter, so any spalling that may still happen is much less evident. If you have a normal driveway broom driveway and it’s spalling, it cannot be turned into an exposed aggregate driveway. This is because exposed aggregate concrete mixes have more rock than typical concrete mix designs, smaller rock and the rock has a high content of natural round rocks, sandblasting a normal mix will result in bald sandy spots and you will usually not get a consistent exposed look.

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Installing A Concrete Slab

The preparation of a slab for Exposed Aggregate Concrete uses the same process as described in our stamped concrete section, so please read that section for details about prep. To achieve the exposed aggregate look after the final set of a slab, we wash off the surface to expose the aggregate. The preferred method is always for use to clean aggregate, however sometimes washing and not practical or an option so we may opt to sandblast the surface to expose the rock, most often sandblast Exposed steps. The process is a messy one so any flowers adjacent to the work area should be transplanted until the new driveway is installed if a new build it’s always best to have the exposed work complete before final exterior finishing, such as a light stucco finish coat.

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Concrete Sealer and Maintenance

The concrete sealer is the final step in exposed aggregate concrete. The high gloss concrete sealer is applied when the moisture from the initial pour has evaporated; usually, two weeks is fine, in the warmer months. We use both penetrating sealers and or high gloss sealer, the sealer is always included in our pricing.

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To protect your Concrete investment, we advise you to seal your concrete every 2 to 3 years depending on wear. This will help keep water entering your slab and freezing to a minimum. The less water entering the slab when temperatures go below zero, the less damage from the effects of freeze-thaw, also sealer enhancing the look of concrete especially with Exposed Aggregate.
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Exposed Aggregate costs

The cost of exposed aggregate can vary from job to job, some of the factors we take into account when pricing is the size of the job, access and use of full-size equipment, forming complexity, Concrete specs such as thickness and rebar required. We provide free onsite estimates, so there are never any end surprises.

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Decorative Concrete Leadership

Almost half of all the decorative concrete Construction work we do is exposed Aggregate for over 20 years now. We work with many luxury home builders in the city, because they know when it comes to Quality, Price, dependable and service Diversified Concrete Services Calgary cannot be beaten. Please contact us anytime to see some of our work closeups. For estimates, please visit our contact area. See some of our most recent jobs on your favourite social media below.

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