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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Construction

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The most common decorative concrete driveway in Calgary without a doubt is Exposed Aggregate Concrete. The popularity has not only to do with its attractive appearance but also its durable surface. Damage caused by frost and salt on typical driveways, which is the pealing and spalling, is not as evident on exposed aggregate concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete differs from other decorative concrete because the top surface is washed or blasted away to reveal the rock beneath in a uniform matter, so any spalling that may still happen is much less evident

A very Popular Finish

Exposed Aggregate concrete driveway

Installing Exposed Aggregate

Formed Concrete Rebar

To achieve the exposed aggregate look after the final set of a slab, we wash off the surface to expose the aggregate. The preferred method is always for use to clean aggregate is washing, however sometimes it’s not practical or an option, so we may opt to sandblast the surface to expose the rock, most often sandblast exposed steps. The process is a messy one, so any flowers adjacent to the work area should be transplanted until the new driveway is installed.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

The Exposed Aggregate drivewayis the most common decorative driveway in Calgary. We pour more aggregate driveways than broom finish in a typical year. The mix for exposed aggregate is a special aggregate mix with a higher amount of aggregate than a normal mix and the aggregate is generally more uniform and round.  

Concrete Driveway with White House

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Steps

Children's pool in backyard

Exposed Aggregate Steps can created to match your driveway perfectly when they are cast in place, in other words not precast. We support our concrete steps with a range of styles from T’s is foundation walls below, to grade beams, steel piles and steel brackets bolted to the foundation. Give the best steps builders in Calgary a call for the highest quality steps in the city.  

Exposed Aggregate

Driveway Combinations

An Exposed Aggregate driveway looks great on its own but when you mix with borders it looks great. Click below to see this exposed aggregate driveway from start to finish. 

Exposed Aggregate with borders
Stamped Concrete Borders Driveway

Colored Exposed Aggregate

Aggregate Rocks vary in color and are not very consistent. So when people want a specific color tone for there Exposed Aggregate we suggest the best method for color is to add it to the concrete mix at the batch plant. This can give consistent results for achieving a overall hue to the concrete project.  

Exposed Aggregate Vertical Riser

This is a great example of where exposed aggregate works well on a vertical surface. Stamped concrete does look best when stopped at a nosing when going vertical. We have found if you exposed the area under the nosing it gives a great look to stamped concrete making it look more authentic. 

Exposed Aggregate Curbs

Concrete Curbs are typically broom finish but when you bring it up a notch and exposed them they look great. Sometimes stamping to the edge of a patio just doesn’t not look finished but when you pour aa exposed aggregate curb along the edge of the patio it creates a very nice finished look.  Another decorative concrete option available when deciding you new exposed or stamped concrete patio project. 

Exposed Step lighting

Exposed Aggregate steps look amazing with lighting installed. If you have the budget for concrete lights its always a good investment in your concrete project and of course a great safety feature. 

Steps With Iights

Exposed Aggregate Costs

White Garage with Driveway

Exposed Aggregate concrete starting points

Exposed Aggregate concrete is currently around $13ft2. This can vary greatly by the size of the job, the complexity, the access to preform the work, if sealer is required and so on. For the most accurate price contact us today for a quality job at a great price.  

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