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In this stamped concrete Job analysis, I am going to show you the unique way we approach the art of texture stamped concrete. Each job is custom, and I do mean very custom because all sizes of the slate squares, rough stone slabs, even random flagstone custom cut sizes, whatever you pick are unique because it is not already determined like typical stamped Mats, but are made specifically to the job requirements onsite in real-time, making each job custom and different from the last texture stamp concrete job.

Texture Stamped concrete is achieved by imprinting a texture on concrete in its plastic state. This shows the rough stone texture being imprinted; it will later be “saw cut” into various sizes. Stamped concrete is poured like any other concrete pad with exceptional detail on selecting an appropriate texture for the pattern that we will create at a later date when the concrete has set up sufficiently.

The homeowner chose the opa locka pattern, a challenging choice, we enjoy a challenge as you can see, it is a pattern of small and large squares in a repeating style.

These pictures show the final product after it has been sawed. Grouting gives the texture stamped concrete an authentic look, and the multi-colours really make it visually appealing. Texture stamp concrete also is great for tables and chairs; unlike a lot of other patterns that create deep grooves, our unique texture stamped grouted concrete leaves the surface beautifully textured and consistent throughout the slab.

We approach concrete colors a few different ways, we can simply order integral color from the concrete supplier, having a basic monotone color for the pad. We can also achieve the same look with color hardener which is generally more vibrant and it does harden the surface. We can also add multi colors to the concrete which is important if you are trying to achieve the look of natural rock. As you will see from our photos we add many colors to achieve the desired results.

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This particular patio had many colours added to the surface for a realistic natural rock look. Before it is “saw cut,” it looks a little busy, but when you look at the end result after the pattern is “saw cut” in and grouting has been completed, it gives the illusion of multicoloured natural slabs of rock and a very visually interesting coloured surface.

The process of grouting the concrete after the saw cuts are completed is similar to grouting flagstone; we use a modified grout which can be coloured if desired. The owner chose an ashlar slate pattern, and this custom cut pattern was measured and laid out to fit perfectly within the space provided to be finished.

The completed sealed result as you can see not only protects the stamped concrete it also enhances the colors making this a beautiful authentic looking concrete pad.

Another way that we approach texture stamp concrete patios and texture stamped driveways is to hand cut versus saw cut, this pad was not going to be grouted later so we chose hand cuts. This concrete patio was poured with natural uncolored concrete with the intent of acid staining at a later date.

Steps with Fresh Cement

The acid stain gives the patio a rich rusty age leather type look, which is a very typical look for acid stain concrete, which can only be achieved through acid staining.

Building Concrete Walls

There are many pros and cons with concrete sealing concrete, probably more pros but one negative aspect for stamp concrete is it does make the surface slippery and can be hazardous when the grade is more than 5 percent. By sweeping sand over the new concrete sealer it will take the sheen off and profile the sealer slightly.

Steps with Fresh Cement

This texture stamped concrete driveway was textured with rough stone texture mat, We thought it would be a great option because of the steep grade. The driveway was later cut into 3′ pieces , anything more than that might clash with the light washed section winding through the driveway.

Building Concrete Walls

The multi colours of this concrete driveway were again achieved with a variety of colours. Similar colour hardeners were used, 6 to be exact. This is far more realistic than from a typical stamped monotone surface. These are just a few examples of the many many different combinations of texture stamped concrete. Many more can be achieved when you mix different textures with custom-cut patterns and add your selection of custom colours for the desired look.

Contact us today and let us create your beautiful unique textured stamped concrete project.