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This concrete construction job profile is on architectural concrete steps. This homeowner contacted us about turning his aged wood steps into concrete steps to improve the appearance of his house as well as make it safer as the existing wood steps were starting to move and creek when you walked on them, a definite safety issue.

We sketched what the new steps would look like with concrete which was very similar to the existing, showing where support would be for the new concrete stairs.

The massive 2′ thick structural wall was built first to hold the cantilevered concrete steps to be poured later. Piles and footings were poured monolithically at the same time with rebar connecting those elements together.

The cantilever landings will have a lot of stress connecting the two atop the structural wall; an excessive amount of rebar 15M and 20M were used on this portion of the concrete stairs. Epoxy was dowelled into the structural wall on both sides, so there was no movement or pull away from the house or structural concrete wall in the future.

We do not like to brag but ….. The job turned out near flawless, nothing is perfect. The owners were very happy with the end result, keeping most of the original wood design they liked, then turning it to a beautiful modern strong structural concrete set of stairs.
If you have a concrete step project, or any project the Craftsmanship matters, give us a call or send your plans today we would be happy to build your Architectural concrete project.

After the concrete was poured forms were left on 28 days to reach 90 plus percent of the concrete strength, so when forms are removed there would be no movement at any hinge points in the concrete. This worked well as no cracks appeared on this concrete stair job.

Beautiful Architectural Wall

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