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A beautiful Stamped concrete patio is a great investment because it serves as a gathering spot for your family during the warm summer months. We’ve literally poured thousands of patios over the years, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the high-quality work we put into each one. All of our patios have a compacted solid gravel base. Every patio is built with high-quality concrete mixtures protected with the latest in sealer technology. 

Stamped Concrete Patios

Quality Stamped Concrete Patios

The most common type of concrete patio that we install is stamped concrete. When we combine thousands of different colour combinations, hundreds of pattern choices, design combinations, and the ability to add borders and many other decorative elements, the range of options is mind-boggling.  Please contact us for a free quote.

Smooth Texture Stamped Concrete Patios

pool on stamped concrete

Winner of the best Patio For Bare Feet

A stamped Concrete Patio is the best patio for bare feet and little bare feet. When sealed with a high gloss sealer this is hands down the best patio for families with small children. The smooth surface is can still skin a childs knee but compared to exposed aggregate or broom finish this is the smoothest decorative surface you can find without being dangerously too smooth. 

Need to Remove the existing Concrete PATIO ?

Before a new concrete patio can be installed, it is frequently necessary to remove existing concrete. We have a variety of compact excavators with different sized concrete breakers that can get into almost any backyard and remove the existing concrete quickly and efficiently. After the concrete is removed, we can prepare and pour your new patio. Patios made of paving stones can also be built by us. For a high-quality job at a reasonable price, contact us today.

Grouted Stamped Concrete Patios

grouted stamped concrete

 Grouted Pattern Stamped Patios are the closest patio to real grouted stone and at a fraction of the price.  We have many popular textures to choose so you get the perfect texture of your choice consistent throughout your entire patio. Grouting is applied after the concrete has hardened to your specific tastes and widths. 

Stamped Patio Projects Up- Close

You can learn more about stamped concrete, as well as a variety of other patio projects, on our projects page.

Our projects sections include a wealth of images and information on the steps involved in creating this and other works.

Acid Stained Stamped PAtios

Another Example of the range of possibilities available when decide to create a stamped concrete patio is acid staining. Acid staining opens up a whole new world of color possibilities. When you apply a stain instead of an integral color the difference is apparent, acid stains work by a reaction and the reaction is never uniform, so you end up with a modelled look.   The Acid stain look is a very unique look and not for everyone. 

Finished Acid Stained Stamped Concrete

Stamped Patio Sealing

The two primary types of sealers we employ…. 

   Acrylic sealers are more typically used to seal stamped concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces. Acrylic sealer provides a glossy finish to the concrete, darkening the colour and highlighting all of the other colours. Although this sealer provides great weather protection, it is slick when wet and should not be ap plied on smooth surfaces or steep gradients.        

Penetrating sealers are more typically utilised on broom or smooth surfaces since they do not change the overall appearance of the concrete. Its primary purpose is to permeate through the surface of the concrete, establishing a barrier that keeps moisture out while allowing water to bead off the surface.

A Few Common Questions.....

How Much Is a stamped Concrete Patio ?

We are currently charging $15ft2 to start for Stamped Concrete Patios.

When Can you pour Stamped Patios ?

We start pouring concrete around May 1st and usually quit pouring around October 31st. 

How often should a seal my patio to keep it looking great ? 

We recommend sealing your patio every 2 to 3 years, and yes we offer a discounted resealing for our  clients.  

Calgary Concrete Patio Contractors

Fan Pattern Concrete Floor

We strive to accomplish high-quality Stamped Patio projects on schedule and within budget. Residential and commercial concrete contracting services are available. If you’re building a new home or renovating an old one in Calgary, contact us to work with the top concrete contractor in the city.

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